Blue Orange Wave’s ‘Edumersive’ Software Earns ClassNK Certification for Maritime Training Excellence

Edumersive introduced as a new compliant and innovative solution for seafarers’ education

In a remarkable milestone, Blue Orange Wave, a global leader in innovative training solutions for the maritime industry, proudly announces the Certification of Type Approval from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) on its cutting-edge product, Edumersive.

Edumersive is a virtual reality (VR) e-learning solution designed to elevate learning and training experiences in the maritime sector. According to Blue Orange Wave, the platform is poised to revolutionize the way seafarers are trained, offering a comprehensive approach to bridge the gap from knowledge to skills and providing situational awareness in the workplace for seafarers worldwide.

Seamless & tailored e-learning content

One pivotal feature of Edumersive is its capacity to create, maintain, evaluate, and administer e-learning content seamlessly. Training providers and shipowners can produce and design their own content within the platform, eliminating the need for a third-party intervention. This capability empowers users to tailor training programs to their own specific needs, fostering a more efficient and personalized learning environment.

What sets Edumersive apart is its accessibility. Learners can access and utilize the platform’s educational content via an app on their mobile devices both online and offline, ensuring continuous learning opportunities regardless of location. This adaptability is particularly crucial in the maritime industry, where seafarers may be on board, at home, or in remote locations, yet they can consistently engage with the platform’s content.

Captain Naoki Saito, General Manager and Head of Cyber Security from the Innovation Development Division of ClassNK, says: “Personally, I proudly endorse Edumersive – a visionary leap in education empowered by proven VR technology. Having certified its excellence, we confidently recommend this solution as the newest experience in immersive maritime learning. This transformative platform not only meets but exceeds the rigorous standards set by ClassNK due to its simplicity and possibilities for the provider as for the learner. It is marking a new era where certified innovation seamlessly integrates with education.

Online assessments

Another key factor that impressed ClassNK is Edumersive’s ability to conduct online assessments seamlessly. The platform incorporates in-platform user validation, allowing for efficient and reliable evaluation of seafarers’ knowledge to skills. This capability enhances the overall training experience and contributes to the platform’s recognition as a leader in maritime education.

“The ClassNK-certified Edumersive software is not just a platform; it’s a testament to our dedication to advancing maritime education and ensuring seafarers are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need for a safer and more efficient maritime future,” says Blue Orange Wave CEO Capt. Tim Lodder. As education and training providers seek modern and effective solutions, the already existing accreditation by the Netherlands Maritime Authority (ILT), and now this ClassNK certification positions Edumersive as a standout choice, according to Capt. Lodder.

Ship classification society ClassNK delivers the highest quality classification services, by the highest quality personnel, while maintaining its totally independent third-party, non-profit status. The organization has a strong focus on the development of relevant rules, procedures, and guidance, and maintains and develops its commitment to scientific and technological research and development. This latest certification, awarded last Friday, 15 December 2023, demonstrates technological ingenuity while being compliant with international maritime training standards (i.e. using VR in a traditional learning environment). ClassNK features Edumersive as a solution that will represent a significant leap forward in maritime education worldwide.

Media contact:

Larnell Harris

Marketing & Communication Manager

Blue Orange Wave

The Hague, The Netherlands


Tel: +31(0)85 002 09 37

Click here for the Edumersive detailed product information.

About Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)

Founded in 1899, ClassNK is a ship classification society dedicated to safer and cleaner seas. On top of diverse technical services including surveys and classifications of ships and marine structures based on its own rules, statutory certifications on behalf of more than 110 flag states, and management system certifications in line with ISO and other international standards, ClassNK has committed to providing the industry with its full support to pave the way for digitalization and decarbonization challenges. Devoting significant resources and expertise to R&D, the society works in close partnership with the industry players to develop and implement a broad array of innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions aimed at securing a safer, greener, and sustainable future.

ClassNK Certificate of Type Approval for Edumersive

One pivotal feature of Edumersive is its capacity to create, maintain, train, evaluate, and administer e-learning content seamlessly.

Intuitive Edumersive App for iOS, Android, and a Windows PC

Blue Orange Wave’s CEO Capt. Tim Lodder

Blue Orange Wave and Skuld Launch XVR Crisis Media Training

17-12-2020 – The contract for the project will last four years and will help Skuld in internal training. The platform has been tested for efficiency and accuracy in crisis management scenarios

Blue Orange Wave is proud to announce their partnership with Assuranceforeningen Skuld in creating and launching the XVR Crisis Media simulation training for the first time. XVR Crisis Media is a cloud-based simulation platform developed by XVR Simulation from The Netherlands and delivered by Blue Orange Wave. Combining this smart technology with consultancy, custom created content development, implementation and support to one total solution, Blue Orange Wave helped Skuld to increase the quality of their internal casualty training.

Having witnessed Blue Orange Wave running XVR Crisis Media in training at another establishment, Skuld   carried out global market research for possible solutions and partners for casualty training. In Blue Orange Wave they found a new partner due to their vast experience and success in creating innovative training products and solutions to the maritime and offshore industries. Skuld decided to work with one of the best in this particular industry to ensure their training modules and software meets the highest global standard.

The scenario for building the content in XVR Crisis Media was established with strict communication between the two new partners. Skuld provided the requested storyline, work procedures and timeline after which Blue Orange Wave created all events which occur during the training. Realtime emails, communication tables, news items (video and online), social media, chat and virtual reality elements add realism to the training which increases the immersive experience for the participants.

“Blue Orange Wave has provided Skuld with a solid platform using XVR Simulation software to be able to carry out our internal casualty response exercises. The close cooperation with Blue Orange Wave has enabled our own practices to be integrated into a format which makes desk top exercises far more interesting and realistic. Additionally the system allows us to run these team exercises seamlessly with colleagues spread around the world, as has become necessary, and the norm, in 2020” says a Skuld spokesman.

Yesterday, December 16, Skuld executed a first training course with their new crisis management simulator. Teams from Oslo, Bergen and London completed a very successful training course where participants experienced the training as a real-life marine crisis situation. 

“The contract was established during the heyday of the COVID19 pandemic in June 2020. Before the pandemic crisis it was common for us to visit our new customers, provide training of trainers and execute the content development on location. Over the last 6 months the teams from Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, and The Hague worked very close together to make the deadline and deliver this total solution, ready for use. “I am very proud on the team for making this possible” says Tim Lodder, CEO of Blue Orange Wave.

About Blue Orange Wave 

Blue Orange Wave is a world-leading provider of innovative but proven training solutions to the maritime and offshore industries. It has established itself as a leader in its field and is committed to promoting best safety & security practice throughout these industries.

The companies portfolio of immersive technologies brings together consultancy, scenarios & training curriculum development, implementation and support as one interactive, flexible solution with unparalleled functionality. 

All Blue Orange Wave releases are available at  

About Skuld

Skuld is a world-leading marine insurance provider with a strong financial position and an ‘A’ rating with Standard & Poor’s. We cater to the needs of shipowners, the offshore and energy sector, charterers and traders, ports and terminals, cargo and the superyacht community.

Skuld was established in 1897 as a P&I club for Scandinavian shipowners. Since then, we have grown into a diversified marine insurer and now offer bespoke covers through Skuld P&I and Skuld Hull.

With headquarters in Oslo and a worldwide office network of around 280 highly skilled employees, we provide our members and clients with service and competence they can rely on, 24 hours a day.

Media contact:

Cisca Versteeg

Marketing Manager

Blue Orange Wave

The Hague, The Netherlands


Tel: +31(0)85 002 09 37

Blue Orange Wave and Redgrasp launch MICROLEARNING TOOL TAGIT WAVE

12-10-2020 – The Hague – Software provider Redgrasp appointed Blue Orange Wave as their designated and exclusive reseller for the global maritime and offshore market. Blue Orange Wave will launch microlearning solution TAGIT WAVE.

Blue Orange Wave CEO Tim Lodder about this newly formed partnership. “Shelfing of software happens a lot due to lack of implementation support or disconnection with the existing training curriculum. Blue Orange Wave portfolio of immersive but proven technologies brings together experience, consultancy, development of digital training content and implementation support as one interactive, flexible solution with unparalleled functionality. Our portfolio creates the opportunity for users to access, analyse and learn in a way that generates value for individuals and organisations; promoting better performance across the industry. The Redgrasp microlearning platform hits bulleye and fits very well in this complete solution philosophy. We are very excited to introduce TAGIT WAVE to our markets!”

Menno Vergeer, CEO Redgrasp: “We have seen our microlearning solution work very well in the healthcare sector, where procedures and guidelines play a pivotal role in Safety and Quality management. Healthcare professionals are busy people and digesting the content of all these documents can be a tremendous burden on their time. Microlearning fills the gap between documentation and implementation by turning the concepts from these documents into a low-friction quiz game. In Blue Orange Wave we have found a partner with intricate knowledge of the training needs of the global maritime and offshore market. We are thrilled to work with them to help their customers’ employees effortlessly stay up to date on procedures and guidelines.”

The Product, TAGIT WAVE, is based on the Redgrasp microlearning platform. It invites curiosity through fun, accessible and targeted questions. TAGIT WAVE will help increase the impact of International Safety Management (ISM) and operational procedures by providing staff a competitive, fun, flexible and accessible learning tool. It adds game elements such as points, badges and discussion forums to engage learners and stimulate the learning process. For HR, Crewing or QHSE departments it delivers an insightful dashboard to monitor and analyze the progress of knowledge development.

With this partnership both companies aim to learn from their respective markets and support maritime safety & security professionals worldwide to learn, refresh and retain their knowledge about procedures and guidelines. It is our experience that frequent short learning interventions lead to higher engagement and a higher retainment of knowledge which leads to better overall decisions. We are confident this will result in increased efficiency, better environmental performance, higher operational standards and improved safety records.

All Blue Orange Wave releases are available at

Blue Orange Wave in brief:

Blue Orange Wave is a world-leading provider of innovative but proven training solutions to the maritime and offshore industries. It has established itself as a leader in its field and is committed to promoting best safety & security practice throughout these industries. –

Redgrasp in brief: Redgrasp provides a microlearning solution to hospitals and professional associations in healthcare. It allows professionals to effortlessly learn about guidelines and protocols through the use of fun quiz questions.  –

How a re-fitted snorkel mask can save lives: The “COVID Lifesaver Mask” and the “Air-Wave Protector”

PRESS RELEASE 26 March 2020

There is a worldwide shortage of personal protective materials for healthcare professionals due tothe COVID-19 pandemic. Two new reusable face masks for medical staff who are caring for and treating COVID-19 patients have been developed in the Netherlands by teams of anaesthesiologists, universities and a consortium of companies, all supporting on a notfor-profit basis. These designs may help solve the global shortage of face masks and improve safety for healthcare professionals, especially during intubation and intensive care procedures where the risk of infection is highest. Both masks use a unique 3D printed connector to link a popular snorkel mask to a filter system. The COVID Lifesaver Mask uses a high-performance filter used in anaesthetic equipment to create a low-cost, easy to use system for short duration use. The Air-Wave Protector solution uses an industrial fan & filter unit to create a personal protection unit for use of longer duration.

COVID Lifesaver Mask

Combining a popular full-face snorkel mask with a high-performance filter used in anaesthetic equipment and ventilators made it possible to develop a reusable face mask for healthcare workers that is safer than the commonly used FFP2 mask. The anaesthetic filter used has already been validated to have a capacity to block 99,999% of viruses and bacteria. This prototype has undergone clinical testing to rule out carbon dioxide intoxication. Futher testing is ongoing.

Air-Wave Protector

The Air-Wave Protector is a combination of the same snorkel mask connected with a custom 3D printed connector to a medical-grade filter and an air pump used in the welding industry for personal protection. The air pump creates a positive pressure in the mask, potentially reducing air leakage and promoting the ease of breathing. Preliminary testing indicates that the solution provides better protection than the commonly used FFP2 masks.

Safety and comfort

A team of healthcare professionals tested the snorkel mask used in both solutions and found it to work well. Glasses can be worn and the mask allows for communication with patients and co-workers. The reusable mask can be decontaminated using readily available cleaning methods.


The designs of the solutions are “open-source” which means they can be freely copied and used to support healthcare professionals worldwide. The design of the 3D-printed connectors created by the TU Delft will be available through “”, a global website to share 3D print designs. While some aspects of the solutions are still in development and testing continues, the groups have decided to share their designs and progress widely. Royal Dutch Shell has already started printing COVID Lifesaver connectors in its Technology Center in Amsterdam and offered its full cooperation to contribute to the solutions that are being developed.

How it started

The history of the COVID Lifesafer Mask and Air-Wave Protector is a unique story of ingenuity and collaboration in times of crisis. The not-for-profit initiative has brought together different groups (anaesthesiologists, universities, companies and volunteers) who had similar ideas to help healthcare professionals battle COVID-19. With amazing passion, they have come together to develop solutions in a short period of time.


The “COVID Lifesaver Mask” and “Air-Wave Protector” are being developed by a support network, consisting of

● A independent group of anaesthesiologists working in Haaglanden Medisch Centrum (HMC), The Netherlands

● Delft University of Technology

● Royal Dutch Shell

●, a not-for-profit group initiated by Damen Shipyards, Blue Orange Wave, Redgrasp and VFA Solutions with support of a large international group of specialists and innovative companies.


Lifesaver Mask:

Air-Wave Protector:

The 3D-printed connector 3D print design can be found on the respective websites.

Medical spokesperson COVID Lifesaver Mask: Sara Galli, MD, anaesthesiologist

Technical spokesperson COVID Lifesaver Mask: Nino Van der Wilk, MD, anaesthesiologist

Medical spokesperson Air-Wave Protector: Menno Vergeer, MD, PhD Technical spokesperson

Air-Wave Protector: Tim Lodder, AFNI

Media for download Photos, images and videos about the solutions can be found on the respective websites.

Blue Orange Wave boards a new Team!

Blue Orange Wave celebrated its second birthday on the 9th of January! As it marked a next step to maturity, we are happy to share this great moment with you.

First development

During the first two years Blue Orange Wave focused mainly on market position, brand awareness, product portfolio and market proposition. For this matter we hired a true marketing and branding specialist with an extended experience in the maritime simulation domain. She helped us to grow our name, brand and marketing strategy. This temporary position recently changed to a more fixed position and we are happy to inform you Blue Orange Wave’s new Marketing Manager Cisca Versteeg.

Cisca was raised in a seagoing family with a father as a Chief Engineer and brother as Deck Officer. Her trilingual education in Dutch, English and Spanish brought her to Mexico City in 2008 where she is located ever since. She gained experience in (online) marketing while she worked for a market leading software provider. Not long ago she chooses for a career serving more companies at the same time as she embraces diversity in her field of expertise which she finds partly at Blue Orange Wave.

Future focus

In 2020 Blue Orange Wave will continue its focus on a further and more in-depth development of its product portfolio into existing education and training programs. This includes sharing more in-depth knowledge on application and implementation of video – and virtual reality tools into existing education and training in the maritime safety and security domain. It creates an opportunity to be able to run efficient and interesting courses mainly based on existing content which is immersive and tempting for the current – and new generation of crew and officers working onboard vessels or platforms.

To be able to assist existing and new customers with the changing training markets and fast development of innovative solutions Blue Orange Wave extended with a Learning and Development Specialist. During the application process there was one person who clearly blinked out with experience at sea, training market knowledge and simulation operations. We are very pleased to announce that Bouke Bergsma joined our team in this role as we trust that his experience, teamwork, down-to-earth-mentality and pragmatic attitude will help us to further expand our company in the direction as previously.

“It is my strength to bring together the fundamental factors such as technology, expertise and objectives. Only when the right elements are brought together you will get the best results. Let technology support us in our development, but don’t let it become a goal on itself”, says Bouke.

Customer success

As most people know, it is an unpleasant fact that with growth, companies tend to lose sight on their precious existing customers. To avoid this occurring within our company we expanded our team with a Customer Success Manager. As well as with Bouke we are very pleased to announce that another former seafarer has joined our team. Hein Schaap has assumed this important role. Hein gained experience in the maritime industry from a very young age as being raised in a family of fishermen and coastal trade. His dedication to the sea stayed and after finalizing his nautical education at the Maritime Academy of Terschelling he joined the ships of Holland America Line for a period of nearly six years. To move closer to home Hein moved his career towards the ferries in the Irish Sea where he worked for P&O Ferries for a period of four years, before moving to the training to become a Pilot with the Dutch Pilot Association. His final dream to become a Pilot shattered because of a serious incident during a ship-tender transfer.

Hein says, “After a break I decided to move on and go for something totally new! Blue Orange Wave hooked me on with the possibilities and options the company provides. As well as for me personal as well as for our customers. In this role as the company’s Customer Success Manager I look forward to expand and improve the current company set-up and help our customers to grow in their use of the new training tool(s) they implemented. It is my goal to stand for our customers and make their success my challenge!”

“Working with these true professionals it will be a great continuation of a journey which I started two years ago. It is my strong believe that Blue Orange Wave is ready for this next step to increase the service to our respected customers and grow towards new innovators! Our team spirit, experience, diversity and common goal to have fun in what we do will drive us to smile continuously. It is end of standby and now full ahead!”, says Tim Lodder, Managing Director of Blue Orange Wave.

Blue Orange Wave solution will enable brand-new simulation centre to meet the needs of emergency responders

September 30, 2019 – The Hague – An official opening of the upgraded training center, Jovellanos Centre (Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency), equipped with the Blue Orange Wave turn-key solution, took place on September 30.

The market leader in VR simulation training solutions Blue Orange Wave has been selected to supply and configure the software solution for a new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built simulation centre, located in Gíjon, Spain.

Being part of the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency, Jovellanos Centre is designed to meet the specific simulation training requirements of the first response personnel of the Agency and national maritime customers throughout the country.

Blue Orange Wave provided the integrated solution in an existing part of the main building consisting of simulation centre design, the simulation and training solution, along with the scenario development and staff training to ensure the required level of competency has been reached. The XVR Simulation software suite will enable the teaching of the latest approaches in emergency response, and equip trainees with skills needed onboard.

Blue Orange Wave’s unique and tailored approach to deliver its turn-key solution was cited as being a key consideration in the contract award by the Spanish Ministerio de Formento. The European tender was granted to Blue Orange Wave in May 2019 and is linked to a five-year continuous service agreement.

The simulation center is the first and only training centre in Spain to have integrated XVR Simulation Suite and associated course provision.

“XVR Simulation without a doubt is the most realistic and advanced solution on the market. It delivers an immersive real-world situational environment in which trainees can learn how to operate in different adverse scenarios safely. The center will promote crew safety and operational efficiency, and we thank Blue Orange Wave for their support throughout the project,” commented Director of the Center, Julian Camus Bergareche.

“This project is an important milestone for Blue Orange Wave as it is the first training centre to be equipped with the XVR Simulation software in Spain. We are proud of what has been achieved in such a short time and were honored to provide the expertise and full scope of services needed to address the needs of Centro Jovellanos,” says Tim Lodder AFNI, Managing Director of Blue Orange Wave.

Media contacts:

Tim Lodder  AFNI
Managing Director
Blue Orange Wave
Tel: +31(0)85 002 09 37

All Blue Orange Wave releases are available at

Blue Orange Wave in brief:

Blue Orange Wave is a globally operating consultancy company providing an extensive range of innovative business solutions, hands-on advice and support to clients of all kinds engaged with maritime or offshore oil, gas and renewable energy related projects in the fields of quality, health, safety, security, environment and training.

Jovellanos Centre in brief:

Jovellanos Centre, which opened in May 1993, depends organically of the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency, attached to the Ministry of Public Works through the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine. Designed to provide comprehensive training services, it is equipped with modern means and facilities. The centre employs a team of highly qualified technicians and specialists who work in the fields of safety and the marine environment.

Blue Orange Wave turnkey solution for the new state-of-the-art training center

May 21, 2019 – The Hague – Market leader in professional maritime training and simulation solutions Blue Orange Wave has been selected to provide a turnkey solution for a new training facility or SACS Group, located in Columbia.

With this recently signed 5-year contract, Blue Orange Wave is to supply and configure the XVR Simulation Platform for a new purpose-built training center being constructed in Bogóta, Columbia. The solution has been ordered by the SACS Group, a leading provider of HSEQ training services. 

Scheduled to complete in summer 2019, it will be the first and only training center in South America to have integrated XVR Simulation Platform and associated course provision. In addition to the software, Blue Orange Wave will also provide tailor-made simulation scenarios, project management, and product training. Prior to the center’s implementation phase, the desired design and hardware specifications were established in close cooperation with the client. 

The new training center will use the incident command training platform XVR Simulation to train emergency responders in the maritime, offshore, oil and gas and aviation industries, and equip trainees with the skills needed in the safe and environmentally friendly workplace. 

A set of modular applications for all training objectives is available through the XVR platform: 

XVR On Scene – Comprehensive, versatile and flexible incident response training in an immersive 3D environment.

XVR Crisis Media – Interactive simulation of media and public responses.

“We thank Blue Orange Wave for its support in helping us deliver a very high standard training curriculum and become the very first education provider in South America to employ Blue Orange Wave turnkey solution for emergency response training. We are very pleased to be able to call on the extensive Orange Wave experience to make this project a success, ”says Mario Gamboa, Chief Executive Officer or SACS Group. 

“We are delighted to have been selected to provide our turnkey solution for this training facility and to raise safety and security awareness within the national Colombian maritime and offshore industries. The quality of the products we deliver is the highest on the market, and we believe this center will deliver outstanding training possibilities through the use of these solutions”, says Tim Lodder AFNI, Managing Director of Blue Orange Wave.

XVR Simulation appointments Blue Orange Wave as preferred reseller

04-06-2018 – Delft – Global leader in virtual reality training software XVR Simulation BV has chosen maritime services provider Blue Orange Wave BV as preferred reseller for the maritime and offshore markets. In this role, Blue Orange Wave will be responsible for all global sales and support efforts of the XVR Platform in these designated markets.

XVR Simulation CEO Joost Beerthuis is excited about the newly formed partnership. “With Blue Orange Wave as our preferred reseller, we are able to offer the maritime and offshore market the same personal and flexible approach as our users have come to know us by. The people behind Blue Orange Wave have years of experience in the maritime and offshore market, enabling them to offer sound advice and tailor-made solutions to users. “

Tim Lodder, CEO of Blue Orange Wave, is looking forward to continuing the maritime and offshore efforts of XVR Simulation. “Blue Orange Wave and XVR Simulation share a common mission to enhance the knowledge and expertise of maritime safety & security professionals to improve their preparedness for any incident or disaster. The XVR Platform has a proven track record and is already active in these industries. We are looking forward to extending our services to a wider group of users worldwide ”.

XVR Simulation has chosen Blue Orange Wave as preferred reseller for the maritime market for their extensive range of services it provides. Tim Lodder: “Blue Orange Wave solutions specifically designed for maritime safety and security professionals. We’ll support them with software implementation, scenario development or advice. “

Joost Beerthuis is very confident about the partnership: “Combining the flexibility and user friendliness of the XVR Platform with the knowledge and experience of Blue Orange Wave results in the best possible solutions for existing challenges in the maritime and offshore markets, especially in the fields of Safety, Security and Environment. “