The suite of innovative and immersive maritime training technology products

Blue Orange Wave’s portfolio of maritime training technology products aims to place maritime & mobility safety on top, as you prefer: online, offline, onboard, and/or on the move.

Our products stand out in the market for their simple and innovative functionality, and their flexibility to create your own content. The suite of maritime training technology products creates the opportunity for users to access, analyse, learn and train in a way that generates value for individuals and organisations; promoting better performance across the industry.

TagitWave increases knowledge about procedures and protocols, Edumersive achieves fullest situation awareness, XVR Simulation trains for command, control and crisis management, and Flaim Systems brings an immersive tangible experience.

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One-stop shop from experience to implementation

It is our team’s goal to be the one-stop shop to fit smart maritime training technology into existing training programs. We find the most suitable solution to your existing (certified) training products, making sure you don’t have to adapt them to other training tools.

Our background in maritime safety training, standards & regulations, talent development, and knowledge management, helps our customers. In combination with smart training technologies, Blue Orange Wave helps you to accelerate content development and the implementation process, and achieve a higher Return On Investment (ROI).

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