CEO (Founder), Sales, Compliance & Strategic Development 

Location: The Netherlands

Years of experience: since 2004

Area of expertise: maritime regulatory, maritime training, safety & security, STCW requirements, (maritime) operational management, passenger ships & yachting industry, project -, and IT implementation management, E-learning & virtual reality simulation.

Tim was born in the middle of the Netherlands but comes from a family with a rich maritime history that goes back to at least four generations. He grew up in a warm entrepreneurial family where company events were discussed at the kitchen table when the family celebrated dinner together.

After completing his study at the Maritime Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Tim started his seagoing career in the cruise industry working for Holland America Line (HAL). For nine years he covered several positions and gained experience in navigation, ship stability, safety, lifesaving, security, shipboard training, and crew management. After leaving the fleet, he worked as a Senior Officer on several special projects for training and crew management.

At the age of 31, Tim got appointed to Captain.

With this extensive shipboard experience, Tim was scouted in 2013 by Falck Nutec. He led several large-scale projects supporting the Dutch maritime industry with a focus on training innovations born by the IMO STCW 2010 Manila Amendments. It was him developing the new national maritime safety training standards as part of the Dutch answer to these changed IMO regulations.

Using this new training standard as the steady foundation, Tim developed for the global Falck Nutec organization an innovative training site, combining realistic firefighting training, command & control and leadership with Virtual Reality (VR) simulation. This scenario-based training concept got endorsed by the Dutch Maritime Authority.

After two years, Tim continued extending his experience in the international training industry by joining the world market leader in VR simulation in the safety & security industry: XVR Simulation. There, he focused on the design and final execution of a fine product-to-market strategy for a new green field market segment. This included the final accreditation of the XVR Simulation Platform by five Maritime Authorities.

By combining his broad knowledge and expertise in the operational maritime field, developing and innovating training models & content, maritime simulations, safety, and E-Learning, Blue Orange Wave was born at the end of 2017. Currently, through consultancy and project management, Tim maintains active contact with the maritime field to tailor the products that Blue Orange Wave offers to the needs and wishes of its existing and new customers.


Training Consultancy & Content Development

Location: The Netherlands

Years of experience: since 2006

Area of expertise: shipboard training, maritime safety, lifesaving, navigation, cargo handling, pilotage, hardware & software integrations, and customer success.

He was born in a coastal town along the Dutch Coast and from a young age, he always felt connected with the sea, ships, and sailing, as a lot of men in his family were seamen, sailing on coasters and fishing boats. It was no surprise for him to get involved in the maritime world.

At Holland America Line he started his career and made his way up the ranks. He quickly found himself in the position of the officer who was usually implementing new hardware and software within the navigational team.  This made him also responsible for upgrading all voyage plans to the newest standards in combination with the latest software. 

As he was working on passenger vessels he also grew in communication skills and training skills. As these ships have a large crew that all need training, he learned how to instruct & train the crew in a constructive and fun way.

This did not change at all when he changed over to P&O Ferries. He continued developing himself making sure he trained his crew to the designated standards as well as maintaining all navigational hardware and software.

Looking for a new challenge Hein started training to become a pilot in the port of Rotterdam. This gave him the possibility to learn first-hand about all the different ways ships are being led. From cultural differences among the crew to differences within (safety) training.   Unfortunately, during a ship/pilot tender transfer, he was involved in an industrial accident, resulting in being unable to complete the pilot training successfully. 

After a short sabbatical, Hein decided to restart his career and go for something new in which he could make beneficial use of all his developed skills. He got in contact with Blue Orange Wave and was quickly hooked on the possibilities and options the company provides. He started as a Customer Success Manager which soon changed to Operational Director due to his wide diversity of responsibilities. Unfortunately due to the worldwide pandemic situation, Hein was asked to step down. He pursued a new career opportunity elsewhere but stayed connected with Blue Orange Wave as a freelance Content Development & Training Specialist. 


Business Development & Sales

Location: The Philippines

Years of experience: since 2009

Area of expertise: shipboard training, maritime safety, lifesaving, navigation, offshore oil & gas, hardware & software integrations, teaching profession

Metro Manila is where Ian was born and raised. He is the first sailor in a family that exists on both sides of Engineers and Teachers. Living in a developing country like the Philippines, it is difficult to pursue a career outside the expected ordinary, but with enthusiasm and strategic help, he made it happen to become a competent Officer in this great industry. Ian worked as a crew while being in college which finally provided him a scholarship from a shipping company. In 2009 he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation, and started working shortly after in the offshore industry, ports and dry docks, oil & gas rigs, pipelaying -, anchor handling -, and supply vessels, as well as survey -, and towing tugs.

For almost 10 years he worked in different areas around the world. He gained experience through his time onboard, but also through the many training courses required in this particular industry. The training courses were not only conducted to satisfy the Maritime Authorities but also the Authorities in the offshore oil & gas industries i.e., OPITO. During his time at sea, he contacted Blue Orange Wave at the end of 2017, and he learned about the ideas, innovations, and focuses of the company, but it was too early to move over. It was Ian who stayed in contact.

However, at the start of the pandemic, Ian decided to end his seagoing career and he pursued a career ashore in Food and Catering, as well as he started a career teaching at a Secondary school, and as a Safety Instructor for Occupational Health and Safety courses. It was in September 2023 that he found out that Blue Orange Wave was planning to join the maritime event Crew Connect Global 2023 in Manila, the Philippines. This was the moment he offered his services to the team and supported them throughout the event. It was also his step into the company where he accepted his current position.


Customer Success & Content Development

Location: The Philippines

Years of experience: since 2017

Area of expertise: human resources, talent acquisition, customer relations, customer success, content development, hardware & software integrations

Niel was born and raised in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines. He is the youngest of five children. He found his interest in performing arts as his father worked as a theater technician. Since childhood, he was always around people and found himself collaborating and engaging with them. It transcends the importance of communication and dealing with people. In high school, he was involved in extracurricular activities and was an organizational and student leader in college.

He was a graduate of the Business Administration program in Human Resource Development Management in 2017. Ever since he has been active in the field of recruitment and talent acquisition. Doing 360-degree recruitment, candidate management, talent onboarding, and customer relations.  Especially with talent acquisition, he learned the importance of growing a talented workforce is based on the use of resourceful learning methods and embracing the power of innovations. This is what got him when pursuing his next step with Blue Orange Wave where he looks forward to learning and engaging (new) customers in their development and growth with the solutions offered.

Particularly the maritime industry is a new journey for Niel to sail, but he looks forward to learning every day from, and about customers in this, for the Philippines, important talent market!


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