The company’s origin was born with the ambition of making maritime training and learning fun again, digitalizing training assets, making it as easy as possible accessible for users by returning control of their own content, and protecting their own Intellectual Property (IP) rights, whilst keeping it affordable for businesses. 

Blue Orange Wave is a global provider of innovative training products in the mobility and maritime industry, including shipping, offshore oil, gas, wind, and renewable energy sectors. It has established itself as a leader in supplying innovative maritime training technology, such as maritime VR, E-learning, learning experience, and micro-learning platforms.

Smart training enhanced with immersive technologies leads to better overall decisions, resulting in increased efficiency, better environmental performance, higher operational standards, and improved safety records.

Besides that, Blue Orange Wave’s suite of immersive maritime safety training technologies brings together hands-on consultancy services, which include analysis, design, scenarios & training curriculum development, and support as one interactive, flexible solution with unparalleled functionality.



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fairly new philosophy in the maritime industry. By its very nature, it is the most globalized and highly regulated industry of all. Blue Orange Wave partners with companies and NGOs to add expertise gained through decades of operating in the mobility and maritime industries. Our joint mission together is to promote the best learning experience for customers that need to adapt themselves to fast-paced education & training development areas and add value to the life of people while working in -, at -,  or with the sea!

Blue Orange Wave is in a unique position to deliver innovative learning products powered by solid maritime expertise. Redgrasp could not wish for a better educational partner in the maritime sector.

It is my belief that maritime training technology has added value when subject matter expertise, knowledge, and skills will be added during the implementation and support processes. We joined in our partnership with Blue Orange Wave to support them with this particular knowledge and skills to deliver the global maritime training industry added value together.

Marlin Marine Firefighting

The International Association for Safety and Survival Training (IASST) is a professional organization that pays efforts to improve the efficiency of safety and survival training all over the world, as a consequence – to save the lives of seafarers. Blue Orange Wave supports the goals of this organization by providing knowledge, experience, and expertise in the field of e-learning, micro-learning, and virtual reality.

Blue Orange Wave’s approach, co-creation, and expertise are what sets them apart in the maritime training sector. Their team consistently brings the latest knowledge to the table and manages to be open, but also goal-driving at the same time. Giving their clients the best solution that fits their needs and us the best opportunity to serve these specific markets.

Through its educational, scientific, and technological consortium, COPE° shall explicitly reach for transformational change instead of incremental advances. But it does not perform its engineering alchemy in isolation. It works within an innovation ecosystem that includes academic, corporate, and governmental partners, with a constant focus on global solutions – the ocean knows no borders.

Blue Orange Wave and XVR Simulation have been partners since 2018. Thanks to Blue Orange Wave’s professional maritime background and expertise, XVR maritime users could train with XVR Virtual Platform based on the latest industry trends and regulations in the maritime sector. Moreover, good user experiences are always delivered by our colleagues from Blue Orange Wave who are customer-oriented and service-minded. We look forward to continuing the successful partnership with Blue Orange Wave.

Blue Orange Wave supports the Nautical Institute as a non-governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). It is the organization’s aim to promote professionalism, best practices, and safety throughout the maritime industry and to represent the interests of its members.

Our experiences with Blue Orange Wave were only a pleasure! The incredibly versatile knowledge and expertise that is offered combined with the approachable communication made the foundation for our collaboration. Blue Orange Wave protects the project boundaries while we are able to do what we are good at; the virtual design of training grounds and virtual reality exercise areas. We’re looking forward to extending our valuable cooperation!

SR Drafting & Design

Living with cancer is hard for yourself, but especially for your loved ones. Every now and then you have to break out, escape from reality, and gain new energy. The volunteers from this NGO understand this from their own experience. and that is why they started VaarKracht! Blue Orange Wave supports VaarKracht with the organization of unforgettable sailing trips in the Netherlands for cancer patients and their loved ones. Forget all worries while being on the water!



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