Blue Orange Wave is a world-leading provider of innovative and proven training solutions to the global mobility, maritime, offshore oil, gas, and renewable energy markets. It has established itself as a leader in software solutions based on virtual – and video reality (simulation), learning experience platforms, e-learning, and micro-learning and is committed to promoting best learning & development practices throughout these industries. The company assists its customers to adapt to the fast-changing needs in the areas of education and training development to reach market expectations, set KPI’s and higher ROIs.

We believe that smart training enhanced with immersive technologies leads to better overall decisions, resulting in increased efficiency, better environmental performance, higher operational standards, and improved safety records.

The Blue Orange Wave suite of immersive technologies brings together hands-on consultancy, scenarios – & training curriculum development and support as one interactive, flexible solution with unparalleled functionality. This suite also creates the opportunity for users to access, analyze and learn in a way that generates value for individuals and organizations, promoting better performance across the industry.

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