Blue Orange Wave solution will enable brand-new simulation centre to meet the needs of emergency responders

September 30, 2019 – The Hague – An official opening of the upgraded training center, Jovellanos Centre (Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency), equipped with the Blue Orange Wave turn-key solution, took place on September 30.

The market leader in VR simulation training solutions Blue Orange Wave has been selected to supply and configure the software solution for a new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built simulation centre, located in Gíjon, Spain.

Being part of the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency, Jovellanos Centre is designed to meet the specific simulation training requirements of the first response personnel of the Agency and national maritime customers throughout the country.

Blue Orange Wave provided the integrated solution in an existing part of the main building consisting of simulation centre design, the simulation and training solution, along with the scenario development and staff training to ensure the required level of competency has been reached. The XVR Simulation software suite will enable the teaching of the latest approaches in emergency response, and equip trainees with skills needed onboard.

Blue Orange Wave’s unique and tailored approach to deliver its turn-key solution was cited as being a key consideration in the contract award by the Spanish Ministerio de Formento. The European tender was granted to Blue Orange Wave in May 2019 and is linked to a five-year continuous service agreement.

The simulation center is the first and only training centre in Spain to have integrated XVR Simulation Suite and associated course provision.

“XVR Simulation without a doubt is the most realistic and advanced solution on the market. It delivers an immersive real-world situational environment in which trainees can learn how to operate in different adverse scenarios safely. The center will promote crew safety and operational efficiency, and we thank Blue Orange Wave for their support throughout the project,” commented Director of the Center, Julian Camus Bergareche.

“This project is an important milestone for Blue Orange Wave as it is the first training centre to be equipped with the XVR Simulation software in Spain. We are proud of what has been achieved in such a short time and were honored to provide the expertise and full scope of services needed to address the needs of Centro Jovellanos,” says Tim Lodder AFNI, Managing Director of Blue Orange Wave.

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Blue Orange Wave in brief:

Blue Orange Wave is a globally operating consultancy company providing an extensive range of innovative business solutions, hands-on advice and support to clients of all kinds engaged with maritime or offshore oil, gas and renewable energy related projects in the fields of quality, health, safety, security, environment and training.

Jovellanos Centre in brief:

Jovellanos Centre, which opened in May 1993, depends organically of the Spanish Maritime Search and Rescue Agency, attached to the Ministry of Public Works through the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine. Designed to provide comprehensive training services, it is equipped with modern means and facilities. The centre employs a team of highly qualified technicians and specialists who work in the fields of safety and the marine environment.