Blue Orange Wave and Skuld Launch XVR Crisis Media Training

17-12-2020 – The contract for the project will last four years and will help Skuld in internal training. The platform has been tested for efficiency and accuracy in crisis management scenarios

Blue Orange Wave is proud to announce their partnership with Assuranceforeningen Skuld in creating and launching the XVR Crisis Media simulation training for the first time. XVR Crisis Media is a cloud-based simulation platform developed by XVR Simulation from The Netherlands and delivered by Blue Orange Wave. Combining this smart technology with consultancy, custom created content development, implementation and support to one total solution, Blue Orange Wave helped Skuld to increase the quality of their internal casualty training.

Having witnessed Blue Orange Wave running XVR Crisis Media in training at another establishment, Skuld   carried out global market research for possible solutions and partners for casualty training. In Blue Orange Wave they found a new partner due to their vast experience and success in creating innovative training products and solutions to the maritime and offshore industries. Skuld decided to work with one of the best in this particular industry to ensure their training modules and software meets the highest global standard.

The scenario for building the content in XVR Crisis Media was established with strict communication between the two new partners. Skuld provided the requested storyline, work procedures and timeline after which Blue Orange Wave created all events which occur during the training. Realtime emails, communication tables, news items (video and online), social media, chat and virtual reality elements add realism to the training which increases the immersive experience for the participants.

“Blue Orange Wave has provided Skuld with a solid platform using XVR Simulation software to be able to carry out our internal casualty response exercises. The close cooperation with Blue Orange Wave has enabled our own practices to be integrated into a format which makes desk top exercises far more interesting and realistic. Additionally the system allows us to run these team exercises seamlessly with colleagues spread around the world, as has become necessary, and the norm, in 2020” says a Skuld spokesman.

Yesterday, December 16, Skuld executed a first training course with their new crisis management simulator. Teams from Oslo, Bergen and London completed a very successful training course where participants experienced the training as a real-life marine crisis situation. 

“The contract was established during the heyday of the COVID19 pandemic in June 2020. Before the pandemic crisis it was common for us to visit our new customers, provide training of trainers and execute the content development on location. Over the last 6 months the teams from Bergen, Oslo, Copenhagen, London, and The Hague worked very close together to make the deadline and deliver this total solution, ready for use. “I am very proud on the team for making this possible” says Tim Lodder, CEO of Blue Orange Wave.

About Blue Orange Wave 

Blue Orange Wave is a world-leading provider of innovative but proven training solutions to the maritime and offshore industries. It has established itself as a leader in its field and is committed to promoting best safety & security practice throughout these industries.

The companies portfolio of immersive technologies brings together consultancy, scenarios & training curriculum development, implementation and support as one interactive, flexible solution with unparalleled functionality. 

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About Skuld

Skuld is a world-leading marine insurance provider with a strong financial position and an ‘A’ rating with Standard & Poor’s. We cater to the needs of shipowners, the offshore and energy sector, charterers and traders, ports and terminals, cargo and the superyacht community.

Skuld was established in 1897 as a P&I club for Scandinavian shipowners. Since then, we have grown into a diversified marine insurer and now offer bespoke covers through Skuld P&I and Skuld Hull.

With headquarters in Oslo and a worldwide office network of around 280 highly skilled employees, we provide our members and clients with service and competence they can rely on, 24 hours a day.

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