Safety and cost efficiency are the two subjects that each company in the maritime business is concerned about. We are helping our clients to deliver a very high standard training curriculum and enhance the quality of maritime training. Our clients choose VR solutions to train emergency responders in maritime, offshore, oil and gas and aviation industries and equip trainees with the skills needed in the safe and environmentally friendly workplace.

What our clients say about us

We thank Blue Orange Wave for its support in helping us deliver a very high standard training curriculum and become the very first education provider in South America to employ Blue Orange Wave turnkey solution for emergency response trainings. We are very pleased to be able to call on the extensive experience of Blue Orange Wave in making this project a success,

SACS Group

XVR Simulation without a doubt is the most realistic and advanced solution on the market. It delivers an immersive real-world situational environment in which trainees can learn how to operate in different adverse scenarios safely. The center will promote crew safety and operational efficiency, and we thank Blue Orange Wave for their support throughout the project.

Centro Jovellanos Salvamento Maritimo

We experience the specialist maritime knowledge, training curriculum development and XVR Simulation as very positive for our market. Besides these key elements, Blue Orange Wave means to us great communication, very approachable and fast feedback to adjust- and improvements. They understand our language completely and we look forward to continue to build on our strong connection.

De Ruyter

We hired Blue Orange Wave for one large conversion and one large maintenance project for duration of almost two years. The project manager carried the responsibility for the management of a large group of subcontractors. We experienced a true team player attitude, dedication and a no-nonsense-culture. It was a pleasure working with them and I recommend the Blue Orange Wave project management services to anyone.

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam
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