Microlearning: Bite-sized learning

Microlearning is e-learning, but smaller and shorter. E-learning is often used as a way to help people learn on the job, and this is also where the disadvantage of it comes into play: if you had just started working, you suddenly have to do an e-learning module, internalize tons of information, and, in the end, don’t get the details or crucial aspects.

Why? Because people don’t experience most e-learning as fun. And we all know, that when we don’t like something, we also don’t prioritize time for it. In other words, there’s no intention at all of the learning by heart. Microlearning solves the problem of forgetting and can help you recall better. This is how:

Microlearning takes little time

Microlearning content isn’t more than 1 minute long, and, thus, learners don’t feel the fatigue factor of going through long courses. They just go through a question, answer this, understand the concept as a short explanation is given, and learn something new in a matter of seconds.

Microlearning enhances knowledge retention

Microlearning makes content perceived as boring, more interesting, and fun, and the learning process more constant. Besides that, research suggests that knowledge retention is significantly increased if small pieces of information are presented on a regular basis and reinforced over spaced periods of time. 

Microlearning boosts learner interaction

Microlearning contributes to this. Successful teams are made of members that are purposeful in their interactions and try to learn and help from and to each other. Participants from the same target group can receive the same question at the same time. This provokes discussion, curiosity, and involvement between them in different learning topics. Besides that, microlearning can also be used as an interactive kiosk, which generates spontaneous conversations related to certain questions in different locations.

Microlearning gives freedom

Microlearning gives the learner the freedom to learn something new anytime and anywhere, be it at the workplace, while having breakfast, or before going to bed. In addition, it can be implemented on any device, which supports its freedom nature. 

Microlearning makes organizations develop faster

One of the things considered most important in a business is data. Without it, performance issues can take place due to unawareness. Microlearning has data analytics, which helps any organization to keep on track with what exactly is known and what needs to be enhanced.

In a nutshell, microlearning is an effective learning methodology as it engages learners, improves knowledge retention, and, therefore, upgrades an organization’s performance.